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Sound Spaces Australian Art Orchestra: Martin Ng and Austin Buckett present RELAY


Saturday 24 October 2015, 3:00pm
Location: MUMA, Monash University Caulfield campus

RELAY is a new collaborative work by Sydney-based electronic musicians Austin Buckett and Martin Ng for multiple turntables. This long-form piece/installation takes source material from Buckett's 2014 album Grain Loops and combines loops that create meditative patterns projected in an immersive sound world. Ng's multiple turntables cycle interchanging material while live EQ accentuates a range of spectral and rhythmic nuances, bringing into question the nature of repetition and the different ways in which it is perceived.

‘There is also something wildly original in the way that Buckett builds portentousness out of such sparsity ... The effect is electrifying' - John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

Austin Buckett is a Sydney-based artist working in media that explore the perception of audible and visual materials through repetition, space, and durational frameworks. These media include works for concert settings, audio-visual installations and conceptually-focused studio albums.

Sydney-based turntablist, and also heart surgeon, Martin Ng, is an electronic musician with obsessions for sound recombination and for developing molecular approaches to music making. Uncompromisingly adventurous, Ng's recordings are tour-de-force cybernetic turntablist excursions to glacial harmonic compositions.

Curator: Francis E. Parker
Sound Spaces is a new performance series of experimental and improvised music that embraces the growing overlap between visual art and sound art. Sound Spaces opens up MUMA’s artistic program to ephemeral presentations by Australian and international artists and musicians, encompassing both acoustic performance and electronics.

A rotating collaboration, Sound Spaces sees MUMA work with different innovative experimental music organisations such as the Australian Art Orchestra, Liquid Architecture and Room40 for each iteration of the series. The series runs in parallel with MUMA’s exhibition program with occasional direct dialogues with particular exhibition projects.

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Traianos Pakioufakis Dune Girls 2010

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