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SOUND SPACES: Breadwoman Variations: Anna Homler & Special Guests Lilian Steiner and Samuel Karmel


Sunday 28 January, 6 - 9 PM
Queen Victoria Gardens, St Kilda Road  
FREE /// No bookings required
Wheelchair accessible


A spirit, a guardian, a witness to life on earth. A cosmic storyteller so old she’s turned into bread... MUMA and Liquid Architecture are excited to present Anna Homler in January 2018, enchanting audiences with her celestial vocalese for this special performance for at the MPavilion. Homler will be chanting her divining speech and lyrical melodies with special guests Samuel Karmel and Lilian Steiner in a series of very special, quasi-theatrical, fully mythic, ritualistic performances of Breadwoman.

Since 1982, Anna Homler has incanted the character of Breadwoman, an ancient storyteller housed in bread that emerged out of the downtown Los Angeles performance art scene. Of the language of Breadwoman, Homler explains: “I think of English as lettuce and my own language as bread.” Kneading language into music; toys into instruments, Homler’s vocal, visual and performance practice explores alternative means of communication and the poetics of ordinary things.

Presented by MUMA, Liquid Architecture and MPavilion and  in association with MOFO 2018.
A Liquid Architecture project curated by Cara Stewart and presented as part of MUMA’s Sound Spaces series.

The voices

Anna Homler
is a vocal, visual and performance artist based in Los Angeles. Exploring alternative means of communication and the poetics of ordinary objects, Homler sings in a melodic improvised language that is both ancient and contemporary, searching for the symbolic and tonal qualities of words and everyday objects.

Lilian Steiner
is an Melbourne-based dancer and choreographer whose practice utilises the inherent intelligence of the active body as the primary tool for creating wholly encompassing visual, sonic and kinaesthetic experiences. Her work embraces the power of ephemerality within energetic exchange through emphasising the presence of weight and density within the sculptural nature of sound, the body’s form and light as an extension of the body.

Samuel Karmel is a Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist and producer best known for his work as one half of “deep narcotised balearic” duo CS + Kreme (with Conrad Standish); dreamy electronic trio Fingers (with Carla Dal Forno and Tarquin Manek); and indescribably strange noise act Bum Creek.

Sound Spaces is a performance series of experimental and improvised music organised by Francis E Parker for Monash University Museum of Art. The series runs in parallel with MUMA’s exhibition program with occasional direct dialogues with particular exhibition projects.

Liquid Architecture

Image: Breadwoman, photo by Susan Einstein

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