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SOUND SPACES: Ensemble Offspring - Game On


Saturday 21 July, 3pm
MUMA | Monash University Museum of Art
Ground Floor, Building F
Monash University, Caulfield Campus
FREE ///

Game On brings together musical mavericks Julian Day and Ensemble Offspring to explore performance practises derived from game theory and sport. Using everyday objects such as coins, planks of wood and bottles to create sound, they will establish modes of relating to each other through competitive physical challenges and cooperative strategies.

“It’s about cooperation, interaction, checks and balances, tension and release … both musical and social.”
John Zorn


Ensemble Offspring 
Julian Day – Game On (World Premiere)


Jason Noble (clarinet)
Claire Edwardes (percussion)
Bree van Reyk (percussion)

Image: Julian Day and Luke Jaaniste (Super Critical Mass), Games And Actions (for a quiet city), 2015, State Library of New South Wales, image by Anna Kucera

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