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Feedback: Art, Social Consciousness and Resistance

19 March–10 May

Vernon Ah Kee, Louisa Bufardeci, DAMP, James Dodd, Tom Nicholson, Raquel Ormella, Fernando Pino, Silvia Velez
Curator and text: Charlotte Day

Feedback brings together the work of artists who look at the relationship between world events and individual experiences. While it is unlikely that art can solve chronic world problems, this exhibition attempts to provide a platform for debate about relevant issues. Rather than arguing for any particular ideological position, a range of emotional responses and individual circumstances are canvassed.

Depth of Field

21 May–19 July

A Shepparton Art Gallery Exhibition
A.M.E. Bale,  Clarice Beckett, Chris Bond, Andrew Browne, Emanuel Phillips Fox, Kirrily Hammond, Carl Hampel, Louise Hearman, Matthew Johnson, Helen Kennedy, Chris Langlois, Tony Lloyd, Joanna Logue, Frederick McCubbin, W.B. McInnes, Amanda Marburg, Max Meldrum, Damian Moss, Josephine Muntz-Adams, John Ford Paterson, Tom Roberts, Kate Stevens, Arthur Streeton, Aida Tomescu, Philip Wolfhagen
Curators: Karen Hall, Louise Tegart
Texts: Rex Butler, Karen Hall, Louise Tegart

Love Me Love My Lump: Patricia Piccinini Photographs

24 May–25 July

Monash Centre and Dryphoto art contemporanea, Prato
Curator: Jenepher Duncan?
Texts: Jenepher Duncan, Linda Michael


10 July–7 August

Damiano Bertoli, Eugene Carchesio, Kate Cotching, Thomas Deverall, Natasha Frisch, Megan Keating, Louise Paramor, Sangeeta Sandrasegar, Sandra Selig, Simone Slee, Andrea Tu
Curators: Natasha Bullock, Katarina Paseta
Text: Natasha Bullock

Papercuts illustrates a return to the materiality and sometimes ephemeral nature of the object in art. Here, paper is not often used as an image-bearer or reflector but becomes the matter of three-dimensional objects.

Hothouse: The Flower in Contemporary Art

Lauren Berkowitz, Tony Clark, Kate Daw, Jo Grant, Helga Groves, Guan Wei, Gail Hastings, Ellen José, Maria Kozic, James Morrison, Rosemary Laing, Christopher Langton, Anne MacDonald, Tim Maguire, Rosslynd Piggott, Deborah Russell, Robyn Stacey, Anne Wallace, Louise Weaver, Gary Wilson
Curators: Karen Hall, Katarina Paseta
Texts: Karen Hall, Katarina Paseta, Zara Stanhope

A MUMA touring exhibition, commencing at State Library of Victoria and touring regional Victoria.

In the Making

17 June–10 July

Switchback Gallery, Gippsland Centre for Art and Design
Sunshine Bertrand, Bianca Hester, Matt Hinkley, Nick Mangan
Curator and text: Liza Vasiliou

Anathematic: Constanze Zikos 1990-2003

30 July–6 September

Curator: Sue Cramer
Texts: Judith Clark, Sue Cramer, Judith Pascal, Constanze Zikos

Three-way Abstraction: Works from the Monash University Collection

5 November 2003–13 March 2004

Janet Alderson, Peter Booth, Stephen Bram, Mike Brown, Ian Burn, Stephen Bush, Eugene Carchesio, Arch Cuthbertson, Lesley Dumbrell, John Dunkley-Smith, Mikala Dwyer, Dale Frank, Diena Georgetti, Melinda Harper, Brent Harris, Dale Hickey, Frank Hinder, Sandra Leveson,  Ludwig Hirschfeld Mack, Robert Hunter, Michael Johnson, Geoffrey Nees, John Nixon, Robert Owen, Kerrie Poliness, Robert Rooney, Peggy Perrins Shaw
Curator and text: Liza Vasiliou

Home & Away: Place and Identity in Recent Australian Art

20 November 2003–16 January 2004

Faculty Gallery, Faculty of Art and Design, and touring regional Victoria and interstate
Gordon Bennett, Kate Beynon, Stephen Bush, Juan Davila, Destiny Deacon, Diena Georgetti, Simryn Gill, Raafat Ishak, Leah King-Smith, Christopher Langton, Fiona Macdonald, Linda Marrinon, Tracey Moffat, Mike Parr, Savanhdary Vongpoothorn, Judy Watson, Louise Weaver, Constanze Zikos
Curator: Jenepher Duncan? Katerina Pasea?
Text: Jenepher Duncan, Linda Michael

This exhibition was selected from the Monash University Collection to demonstrate artists' engagement with issues relating to contemporary Australia life-multiculturalism nationhood and identity, which have currency and relevance for all audiences whether from regional or metropolitan areas.

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