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Transmissions: From Here and There – Works by Imants Tillers

25 March–15 May

Curator: Sara Kelly
Text: Ivor Indyk

Satellite Cities and Tabloid Life

26 May–3 July

Howard Arkley, Juan Ford, Sharon Goodwin, Matthew Griffin, Bill Henson, Callum Morton, Selina Ou, Patricia Piccinini, Kathy Temin
Curator and text: Charlotte Hallows

Incident in the Museum 1: Stephen Bram

26 May–3 July

Curator and text: Max Delany

The Incident in the Museum series is an occasional program of newly commissioned exhibitions, projects and events by contemporary artists. The inaugural exhibition in the series features a new, architecturally scaled installation by Stephen Bram who, alongside his practice as a leading abstract painter, has achieved recognition in Australia and Europe for distinguished art projects and commissions developed in relation to architecture. For for information...

Blackspot: Contemporary Indigenous Photography

14 July–21 August

Destiny Deacon, Fiona Foley, Leah King-Smith, Tracey Moffatt, Christian Bumbarra Thompson

Curator: Max Delany

Texts: Anne Marsh, Lynette Russell

Blackspot presents a focused selection of contemporary Indigenous photography from the Monash University Collection, with additional selected loans. It features works by leading Australian artists Destiny Deacon,
Fiona Foley, Leah King-Smith, Tracey Moffatt, and Christian Bumbarra Thompson.

The exhibition highlights the power and complexity of contemporary Indigenous photography, and the way in which Indigenous artists draw upon a rich mixture of history, personal experience, blak humour, as well as
postmodern and postcolonial theories, in order to generate new perspectives and understandings of the social, political and cultural conditions faced by Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. For more information...

Isle of Refuge

14 July–21 August

An Ivan Dougherty Gallery, University of New South Wales College of Fine Art Exhibition

Curators: Ashley Carruthers, Rilka Oakley, My Le Thi

Monash University Museum of Art presents Isle of Refuge, an exhibition curated by Ashley Carruthers, Rilka Oakley and My Le Thi. Featuring the work of Gordon Bennett, George Gittoes, Tim Johnson & Karma Phuntsok, Chris O’Doherty a.k.a Reg Mombassa, Sue Saxon & Anne Zahalka, Laurens Tan, My Le Thi, Albertina Viegas, Savanhdary Vongpoothorn, Guan Wei, Mahmoud Yekta.

The exhibition brings together a group of prominent Australian visual artists who, through their personal histories, ethics and politics, have a special sense of solidarity with refugees in detention in Australia and in Australian camps in the South Pacific.

This group includes artists who came to Australia as refugees, those who are children of refugees, émigrés and migrants, and a number of artists, both professional and non-professional who are, or have been, detained in Villawood Detention Centre.

Rather than attempting to define a universal refugee experience, the curators of Isle of Refuge have set out to explore the multifarious ways in which the refugee and émigré artists have made themselves ‘at home’ in Australia. For more information...

Geometer: Wilsons Promontory – An Exhibition by 9 Artists

25 August–23 September

Switchback Gallery, Gippsland Centre for Art and Design

RBA Architects and Conservation Consultants, Peter Bennetts, Domenico de Clario, Jacqueline Herbert, Charlie Owen, Kim Power, Cameron Robbins, David Hugh Thomas, Richard Thomas.
Curator: David Hugh Thomas
Texts: Stuart Koop, David Hugh Thomas


9 September–5 November

Faculty Gallery, Faculty of Art and Design

Emily Floyd, Sharon Goodwin, Irene Hanenbergh, Louise Hearman, Rebecca Ann Hobbs, Ronnie van Hout, David Noonan, Lisa Roet, Kathy Temin
Curator and text: Liza Vasiliou

The Line Between Us: the Maternal Relation in Contemporary Photography

1 September–23 October

Donna Bailey, Pat Brassington, Anne Ferran, Anne Noble, Polixeni Papapetrou
Curator and text: Kyla McFarlane

Incident in the Museum 2: John Meade

4 November 2004–24 March 2005

Curator: Max Delany
Text: Johannah Fahey

Melbourne artist John Meade will feature in the latest exhibition in the Incident in the Museum series, presented by the Monash University Museum of Art. The Incident in the Museum series is an occasional program of newly commissioned exhibitions, projects and events by contemporary artists. INCIDENT IN THE MUSEUM 2: JOHN MEADE features new work by Meade, who has recently returned from New York where he enjoyed 12 months research as a recipient of a prestigious Anne and Gordon Samstag Visual Arts Scholarship.

The metaphysical, the surreal and the erotic – as they are manifest in sculpture, art history and public life – are central motifs in the work of John Meade, whose ‘Incident in the Museum’ involves a trilogy of sculptural works, which have been choreographed within a purpose-designed light installation. For more information...

Before Night - After Nature: Selected works from the Monash University Collection

4 November 2004–24 March 2005

Julian Ashton, Ian Burn, Stephen Bush, Domenico de Clario, Francisco de Goya, Peter Graham, Louise Hearman, Philip Hunter, Peter Kennedy, Leah King-Smith, John Nixon / Mike Parr, David Noonan, Susan Norrie, John Perceval, Bernhard Sachs, Simone Slee, Ricky Swallow
Curator and text: Geraldine Barlow

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