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David Noonan: Films and Paintings 2001-2005

7 April-11 June

David Noonan: Films and Paintings 2001–2005 comprises a selection of recent gouaches, bleach paintings, oil paintings, collages, films and installations, alongside a newly commissioned film installation developed specifically for the Monash University Museum of Art. The exhibition is the culmination of critically acclaimed exhibitions in New York, Chicago, Melbourne and Sydney from 2001 to 2005; and coincides with the publication of a new monograph on the artist written by Dr Johannah Fahey and published by Thames and Hudson. Noonan’s complex layering of distinct historical and contemporary cultural motifs moves across time and space, encompassing the histories of modernism, science fiction, parapsychology, horror and the gothic, among other cultural reference points from art, film literature, music, fashion and pop culture. For more information...

Blackspot: Contemporary Indigenous Photography

18 May-23 June

Switchback Gallery, Gippsland Centre for Art and Design

Artists: Destiny Deacon, Fiona Foley, Leah King-Smith, Tracey Moffatt, Christian Bumbarra Thompson

Curator: Max Delany

"Through the work of Destiny Deacon, Fiona Foley, Leah King-Smith, Tracey Moffatt, and Christian Bumbarra Thompson, Blackspot draws on Aboriginal photographic traditions as well as interacting with the images
of colonialism. These artists reject the silent and anonymous images produced by the colonisers and instead produce confronting works which refuse to be quiet. The images that follow are as compelling and affecting as they are aesthetic and creative

- Professor Lynette Russell, Director, Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies, Monash University

Pitch Your Own Tent: Art Projects | Store 5 | 1st Floor

23 June–27 August

Artists: Amanda Ahmed, Anti-Music, Guy Benfield and Vittoria di Stefano, Kate Beynon, Stephen Bram, Sandra Bridie, Tony Clark, Bronwyn Clark-Coolee, Martine Corompt, Peter Cripps, John Davis, Michael Delany,  John Dunkley-Smith, Richard Dunn, Kate Ellis, Marco Fusinato, Diena Georgetti, Mira Gojak, Melinda Harper, Gail Hastings, Eliza Hutchison, Raafat Ishak, Robert Jacks, Brendan Lee, Robert MacPherson, Andrew McQualter, Anne-Marie May, John Meade, Sean Meilak, Callum Morton, John Nixon, Rose Nolan, David Noonan, Alex Pittendrigh, Kerrie Poliness, Ti Parks, Mike Parr, David Rosetzky, Jacinta Schreuder, John Spiteri, Kathy Temin, Imants Tillers, Peter Tyndall, Lyndal Walker, Ania Walwicz, Jenny Watson, Gary Wilson, Constanze Zikos

Curator: Max Delany

Monash University Museum of Art presents Pitch Your Own Tent: Art Projects | Store 5 | 1st Floor, an exhibition and publication examining the recent history of contemporary Australian art from 1979-2002 through the activities and practices of three influential artist-run spaces:

  • Art Projects, Melbourne 1979-1984, established by John Nixon
  • Store 5, Melbourne 1989-1993, established by Gary Wilson
  • 1st Floor, Melbourne 1994-2002, established by David Rosetzky

The exhibition explores a strong lineage in the recent history of contemporary Australian art; of avantgarde, experimental and innovative practices and discourses developed by communities of artists through independent artist-run exhibition and publishing initiatives.

Each of the three respective artist-run spaces will be represented through one of MUMA’s three galleries, which will provide the opportunity to represent each organisation in context, whilst also allowing a comparison of the ideas, modes of display, and material culture of each respective enterprise. One contention of the exhibition is the degree to which it is artists themselves who are responsible for the interpretation and writing of art history. For more information...

Pavilions for New Architecture

7 September–29 October

MUMA and Faculty Gallery, Faculty of Art and Design

BKK Architects, Cassandra Complex, Elenberg Fraser Architecture, Harrison and Crist Architects, Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects, Jackson Clements Burrows, Minifie Nixon Architects, Neil and Idle Architects, Staughton Architects

Curators: Geraldine Barlow, Max Delany

Pavilions for New Architecture presents the creative practices of a dynamic group of contemporary architects who have emerged on the architectural scene over the past decade. The exhibition takes architecture as its central subject, employing the form of the pavilion to exhibit architecture, as well as to study the architecture of exhibition.

Monash University Museum of Art has commissioned a series of prototypes for pavilions at 1:3 scale – offering the gallery as a spatial field in which the talents of a distinctive group of practices are given the opportunity to explore an ideal architecture. Taking the pavilion as its subject, and as a lens through which to view the practice of architecture, Pavilions for New Architecture offers a significant opportunity for the open expression of architecture at a scale that is at once playful and provocative, speculative and rhetorical. For more information...

James Morrison: The Great Tasmanian Wars

14 September–13 October                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Switchback Gallery, Gippsland Centre for Art and Design

Curator and text: Geraldine Barlow

Extra-Aesthetic: 25 Views of the Monash University Collection

1 December 2005–25 March 2006

James Angus, Howard Arkley, Bashir Baraki, Chris Barry, Kate Beynon, Terri Bird, Pat Brassington, Ian Burn, Stephen Bush, Alison Burton, John Brack, Arthur Boyd, John Campbell and Tim Jones, Kevin O’Connor, Adam Cullen, Destiny Deacon and Virginia Fraser, Merilyn Fairskye, Diena Georgetti, Simryn Gill, Francisco de Goya, Guan Wei, Brent Harris, Louise Hearman, Kitty Kantilla, Lean King-Smith, Maria Kozic, Rosemary Laing, Richard Larter, John Longstaff, Elwyn Lynn, Fiona McDonald, Bea Maddock, Roy de Maistre, Conrad Martens, Tracey Moffatt, Callum Morton, Clive Murray-White, John Neeson, Rose Nolan, Sidney Nolan, David Noonan, Susan Norrie, John Perceval, Patricia Piccinini, Neil Roberts, Tom Roberts, Robert Rooney, Jeffrey Smart, Ricky Swallow, Edwin Tanner, Imants Tillers, Peter Tyndall, Savanhdary Vongpoothorn, David Wadelton, John Walker, Lyndal Walker, Roy Wiggan, Fred Williams, Anne Zahalka, Constanze Zikos

Curators: Max Delany, Kirrily Hammond

Monash University Museum of Art presents Extra-Aesthetic: 25 views of the Monash University Collection, an exhibition that involves 25 academics from diverse disciplines across the University who have been invited to select and write about works from the collection. The exhibition provides a vivid representation of the range of research occurring at Monash, and the depth and breadth of the Monash University Collection. For more information...

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