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2–6 August 2006

Melbourne Art Fair

Curator and text: Geraldine Barlow

A black line on white paper exposes the passage of the artist’s hand through time and space, travelling over the paper’s surface and over previous layers and marks. Whatever its physical size, the paper is a vastness, a desert or cosmos of open potentiality which each stroke might either describe, or collapse. In drawing, the artist must negotiate a stream of choices impacting upon how the space between representation and abstraction is navigated, a space between decision and doubt, absence and presence.

Together with her ambitious new series of drawings Something has to go, 1-4, Gojak has created a new sculptural commission for Monash University Museum of Art’s Melbourne Art Fair project room exhibition, Too near - too far. Impasse 2006 takes the same model of plastic chair as used in the work Silence, and this time slices and arranges the chairs in a claustrophobic conjunction of parts: a sequence of joints or shoulders abut each other and are confined within a rectangular depth of felt.

Exhibition catalogue:

Mira Gojak: Too near, too far.

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