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Too Much of Me: 7 Paths Through the Absurd (With Detour)*

15 April–20 June 2009

Monash University Museum of Art, Clayton

Curator: Geraldine Barlow

Artists: Ronnie Van Hout, Kirsty Hulm, Laith McGregor, Stuart Ringholt, WorkmanJones, Erwin Wurm, Samuel Beckett and Buster Keaton

How do we make sense of who we are and our place in the world, a world ambivalent to our existence? Our thirst for meaning fuels our encounters with the absurd; whether unexpected or deliberately sought out. Too Much of Me creates a number of paths through this terrain, encompassing the philosophical weight of the absurd as well as its relationship to play, creation, ridicule, revolt and freedom. For more information...

Gabriella Mangano & Silvana Mangano

25 May–3 July 2009

Faculty Gallery, Faculty of Art and Design, Caulfield

An intriguing exhibition featuring the collaborative work of artists and twin sisters Gabriella and Silvana Mangano will open at the Faculty Gallery at the Caulfield campus on 25 May 2009. The exhibition features performance, drawing, video, sound and installation work created by the pair over the past several years. Curator Geraldine Barlow from the Monash University Museum of Art said the exhibition offered the opportunity to view the poetic and enigmatic work of the Mangano sisters in great depth. For more information...

Richard Lewer: Nobody Likes a Show Off

1 July–5 September 2009

Curator: Kirrily Hammond

Continuing MUMA’s ongoing series of survey exhibitions focussing upon the work of significant mid-career artists, Monash University Museum of Art is pleased to present a survey of Melbourne-based, New Zealand artist, Richard Lewer. Richard Lewer: Nobody likes a show off covers the scope of this artist's practice, encompassing painting, drawing, animation, installation and performance. Marked by a sceptical humour and a focus upon the darker sides of human behaviour, place and social identity, Lewer's work involves close observation and highly subjective encounters with family, religious, sport and criminal subjects, leading to insightful and absurd narrative reflections on good and evil, life and mortality. This survey exhibition will feature keys works from public and private collections in Australia and New Zealand. For more information...

Jess Johnson & Jordan Marani: Home Is Where My Hell Is

29 July–3 September 2009

Artists residency, Switchback Gallery, Gippsland Centre for Art and Design

Curator: Kyla McFarlane

Co-directors of Hell Gallery and occasional artistic collaborators Jess Johnson and Jordan Marani present a new exhibition following their artists’ residency at Monash University’s Gippsland Centre for Art and Design in April 2009. Dredging through the detritus of their own and others’ lives, Johnson and Marani draw on shared obsessions including comic books, doom metal, overdue bills and talkback radio. For Switchback Gallery, they will create a ‘hothouse environment … incorporating installation, sculpture, drawing, collage and a soundtrack too. A polyglottal simmering of words, images, shared memories, fantasies, associations and neuroses.’ For more information...


7 September - 9 October 2009

Switchback Gallery, Gippsland centre for Art and Design

Curator: Danny Lacy

Artists: Damiano Bertoli, Christian Capurro, Eugene Carchesio, Bronwyn Clark-Coolee, Lane Cormick, Mikala Dwyer, Anne Ferran, Marco Fusinato, Tony Garifalakis, Brent Harris, Robert Hunter, Tim Johnson, John Lethbridge, Clinton Nain, Geoffrey Nees, Tom Nicholson, David Noonan, Louise Paramor, Kerrie Poliness, Sandra Selig, Udo Sellbach, Wolfgang Sievers.

+ /- examines the minimal and the maximal, the reductive and the additive, the positive and negative, exploring the formal visual elements of pattern, repetition and grid across a wide range of mediums. Inspired by Kerrie Poliness’ geometric Black O wall drawings, +/- focuses upon works from the Monash University Collection, and selected loans, that play with formal aesthetics. For more information...

Photographer Unknown

16 September–28 November 2009

Curator: Kyla McFarlane

Artists: Susan Fereday, Marco Fusinato, Donna Ong, Fiona Pardington, Patrick Pound, Jacky Redgate, Elvis Richardson, Fiona Tan

Found or anonymous photographic images and film footage are a fascinating subject for many artists. The snapshot, the amateur photograph, the flea market find, the postcard and the work of the anonymous, jobbing photographer have all provided material fodder, or acted as conceptual springboards for making new work. Engaging with this material, artists enact a series of reversals, reprisals and re-workings – bringing the snapshot to the status of the fine art print, calling into question conventions of authorship, quality, the public and private, the nature of the archive and monumentality. Titled after Jacky Redgate’s photographer unknown series from 1980-3, this group exhibition charts a course through these encounters in the contemporary context, including works that draw upon flea market analogue prints, to those inspired by more recent forms, such as videos uploaded to youtube by a myriad of internet users.  For more information...

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