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Daniel Crooks: A Garden of Parallel Paths

5 February - 13 April 2013

Daniel Crook’s A garden of parallel paths 2012 splices together tracking shots of Melbourne laneways, creating a seamless ambulatory gaze from narrow slices of urban space. Originally commissioned for Parallel Collisions: 2012 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, Crooks describes the work as ‘an attempt to exert absolute control over the camera – to take the perfect precision of the computer-based world and to impose that on a reality that is unpredictable, imprecise and otherwise difficult to control’. For more information...

Laresa Kosloff: CAST

5 February - 13 April 2013

CAST 2011 is the artefact-object-sculpture-remains of Laresa Kosloff’s situational performance presented during the Vernissage of the 54th Biennale de Venezia in 2011. Departing from Melbourne with her leg encased in plaster and aided by crutches, Kosloff travelled by air, bus and vaporetto to the Biennale where, in a speculative autograph hunt, she asked well-known artists to sign her cast. Once covered in signatures, Kosloff removed the cast and carried it home as a sculptural object. For more information...

Richard Bell: Lessons on Etiquette and Manners

5 February - 13 April 2013

Richard Bell is a member of the Kamilaroi, Kooma, Jiman and Gurang Gurang communities; he was born in 1953 in Charleville, Queensland, and lives and works in Brisbane. Lessons on Etiquette and Manners is the artist’s first in-depth presentation in Melbourne. For more information...

Direct Democracy

26 April - 6 July 2013

The exhibition reflects contemporary social movements, unrest and the desire for change; modelling key social dynamics and possible futures. In Direct Democracy destruction and resistance are connected with the need to collaborate and rebuild. Recent political shifts such as the Arab Spring, the global financial crisis and movements such as Occupy are considered in relation to earlier struggles for autonomy and self-definition, as well as the interplay of constructive and corrosive dynamics in leadership and governance. The exhibition examines the shifting forms of political agency, in both emerging and foundational democracies. For more information...

Simon Starling: In Speculum

18 July - 21 September 2013

Marked by epic journeys and explorative narratives, Simon Starling's work investigates the social, cultural and material implications of object-making. His ongoing excavation and transformation of the material world takes the form of associational assemblages that incorporate film, photography and sculptural forms, revealing rich, unexpected and complex histories. For more information...

Reinventing the Wheel: the Readymade Century

3 October - 14 December 2013

Arguably the most influential development in art of the twentieth century, the use of the readymade was set in motion 100 years ago with Marcel Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel. Giving birth to an entire artistic language, Duchamp’s conversion of an unadorned, everyday object into a figure of high art completely inverted how people considered artistic practice. Suddenly, art was capable of being everywhere and in everything. It was a revolutionary moment in modern art, and the ripples from this epochal shift still resonate today. For more information...

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