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Francis Upritchard: Jealous Saboteurs

13 February - 16 April 2016

Spanning almost twenty years of work, MUMA is excited to present the first major survey exhibition of London-based, New Zealand-born artist, Francis Upritchard. From her early collections of mock burial artefacts, to primate-like figures constructed from discarded fur coats, and her more recent enigmatic gurus, Upritchard has developed a highly idiosyncratic language of sculpture that frequently borrows from craft practices and a broad range of references from the deep recesses of museum collections, folklore and counter-cultures to high modernist design. For more information...

Borders, Barriers, Walls

30 April - 2 July 2016
Curator: Francis E. Parker
Artists: Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Allora & Calzadilla, Karen Black, Gunter Christmann, Jin Chul Kyu, Guan Wei, Shilpa Gupta, Khaled Hourani, Raafat Ishak, Isaac Julien, Sonia Leber & David Chesworth, Kai Löffelbein, Ricky Maynard, Carlos Motta, Tony Schwensen, Amy Spiers & Catherine Ryan, Danae Stratou and Judy Watson

Borders, barriers and walls delineate this group exhibition of Australian and international artists. It reflects on how these contested and complex forms shape the world, producing situations of separation, isolation or thwarted passage across the globe. Whether they be physical constructions, psychological constructs or natural defences, the exhibition considers the forces by which these divides are either upheld or breached. For more information...

Nicholas Mangan: Limits To Growth

20 July - 17 September 2016

Nicholas Mangan is a Melbourne-based multi-disciplinary artist known for interrogating narratives connected to a diverse range of objects. With a keen interest in dissecting processes of forming meaning from objects, culture and natural phenomena, Mangan creates videos, montages, sculptures and installations that disrupt established systems of knowledge. His work addresses a wide range of themes, including the ongoing impacts of colonialism, humanity's fraught relationship with the natural environment, contemporary consumptive cultures and the complex dynamics of the global political economy.

Co-produced by the Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane and Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin. For more information...

Life inside an Image

1 October - 10 December 2016
Curators: Charlotte Day, Hannah Mathews and Helen Hughes
Artists: Matthew Buckingham, Gerard Byrne, Melvin Moti, Fiona Pardington, Elizabeth Price, Amie Siegel, Judy Watson

Traditionally, museums function to preserve, frame and index the world. Like cameras, they attempt to arrest beings, objects and environments into conditions of stasis. In so doing, museums also translate objects (whether artworks, ancient tools, mineral samples or taxidermy animals) into documents - official texts that evidence natural and cultural histories. They bear witness.

Life inside an Image considers the museum as an image-capturing technology, bound by its history and architecture but also subject to shifting cultural frameworks. Orbiting around Irish artist Gerard Byrne's newly commissioned work Jielemeguvvie guvvie sjisjneli (Film inside an Image) 2015-16, this exhibition presents a selection of recent moving-image works by contemporary Australian and international artists who have worked with collections, to disrupt old, and unearth new, narratives.

Gerard Byrne's new commission has been realised in partnership with Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne, Mead Gallery, Warwick University and Moderna Museet, Stockholm. For more information...

Image top of page:
Francis Upritchard, Tourist 2012 (detail)
modelling material, foil, wire, paint, cloth
Collection of Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, gift of the Patrons of the Auckland Art Gallery, 2013
Image courtesy of the artist and Kate MacGarry, London

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