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Gerard Byrne

1 October - 10 December 2016

Curators: Charlotte Day, Hannah Mathews, and Helen Hughes
Artists: Matthew Buckingham, Gerard Byrne, Melvin Moti, Fiona Pardington, Elizabeth Price, Amie Siegel, Judy Watson

Traditionally, museums function to preserve, frame and index the world. Like cameras, they attempt to arrest beings, objects and environments into conditions of  stasis.  In  so  doing,  museums  also  translate objects (whether artworks, ancient tools, mineral samples or taxidermy animals) into documents - official texts that evidence natural and cultural histories. They bear witness.

Life inside an Image considers the museum as an image-capturing technology, bound by its history and architecture but also subject to shifting cultural frameworks. Orbiting around Irish artist Gerard Byrne's newly commissioned work Jielemeguvvie guvvie sjisjneli (Film inside an Image)  2015-16,  this  exhibition  presents  a  selection  of recent moving-image works by contemporary Australian and international artists who have worked with collections to disrupt old, and unearth new, narratives.


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Presented by Monash University Museum of Art in association with the Melbourne Festival.

Gerard Byrne's Jielemeguvvie guvvie sjisjneli (Film inside an Image) 2015-16 is co-commissioned by Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne; the Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre, the University of Warwick, Coventry; and Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

This project has received support from the Monash-Warwick Alliance.

Also showing: Gerard Byrne: A late evening in the future
8 October – 25 November 2016
ACCA,  111  Sturt  St,  Southbank  VIC  3006

Gerard Byrne Jielemeguvvie guvvie sjisjnjeli (Film inside an Image) 2015-16, film still.
Courtesy of the artist and Lisson Gallery, London, Milan and New York

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