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Mutlu Çerkez: 1988–2065

10 February – 14 April 2018
Curators: Charlotte Day, Hannah Mathews and Helen Hughes

Mutlu Çerkez: 1988–2065 is an exhibition and monograph that survey the art and life of Mutlu Çerkez, the Turkish Cypriot Australian artist who lived and worked in Melbourne until his death in 2005.

Çerkez was an influential artist who, during his lifetime, had a significant impact on the Australian and international art worlds. His work incorporated traditions of conceptual art, minimalism and monochrome painting but made its own internal logic its primary reference point while strenuously resisting a reduction to any single style.


28 April – 7 July 2018
Artists: Dana Awartani (SA), Monica Bonvicini (IT/DE), Aliansyah Caniago (ID), Jasmina Cibic (SI/UK), Forensic Architecture (UK), Hiwa K (IQ), Jill Magid (US), Hayley Millar-Baker (AU), Archie Moore (AU), Amie Siegel (US)
Curators: Charlotte Day, Shelley McSpedden and Elise Routledge

Unsettlement is an international group exhibition that explores the ways that power manifests through architecture and in the built environment. The artworks presented register the material force and histories of architecture, and encourage a productive sense of upheaval and re-appraisal.

Robert Smithson: Time Crystals

21 July – 22 September 2018
Guest curators: Dr Amelia Barikin (The University of Queensland) and Professor Chris McAuliffe (Australian National University)

Robert Smithson: Time Crystals is the first exhibition in Australia dedicated to the work of American artist Robert Smithson (1938-73). Best known for his radical land art of the 1960s and early 1970s, Smithson is now widely recognised as one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. Inspired by ideas of crystalline geometry and non-biological time, he redefined abstraction and challenged art history, declaring that ‘Nature gives way to the incalculable cycles of nonduration.’


6 October – 15 December 2018
Curator: Hannah Mathews

French artist Lili Reynaud-Dewar’s most recent project TEETH, GUMS, MACHINES, FUTURE, SOCIETY comprises a film and expanded installation of sculptural objects and text-based works. The project revolves around two interconnected cultural icons: ‘grills’ or teeth jewellery made of precious metals that are a status symbol in the rap and hip hop scenes; and Donna Haraway’s futurist essay A Cyborg Manifesto 1985.

Alicia Frankovich: Exoplanets

6 October – 15 December 2018
Curator: Hannah Mathews

With an interest in post-humanist thinking, Alicia Frankovich seeks to de-centre the experience of the audience through the medium of the exhibition. Working with performance, sculpture, video and time-based kinetic mechanisms, she draws our attention to the temporal and sensory elements at play within a space, collapsing the primacy of our experience as humans into a field rich with other energies, histories and relationships.

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