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Unsettlement Archie Moore

28 April – 8 July 2018

Curators: Charlotte Day, Shelley McSpedden and Elise Routledge

Unsettlement looks to where art and architecture converge. The exhibition focuses particularly on understandings of power, presenting works that confuse architecture’s functionality, undermine its authority or explode its mythologies. From subtle gestures of reclamation to more radical remodelling, the exhibition makes us alive to the social, economic and political structures that inform the built environment. Unsettlement reflects on the effects of accelerating globalisation and mass urbanisation, the legacies of colonial occupation, and the dominant infrastructures that shape our lives.

Unsettlement registers the material force and histories of architecture and encourages a productive sense of upheaval, precariousness and re-appraisal. The exhibition includes works by Australian and international artists. Featured artists include Jasmina Cibic, Archie Moore, Callum Morton and Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa.

Image: Archie Moore, Whipsaw, installation view (detail), 2017, TARNANTHI: Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander ArtFontanelle, Adelaide. Photo: Tony Kearney. Image courtesy The Commercial, Sydney

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