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Shapes of Knowledge

9 February – 13 April 2019
Participants: A Centre for Everything (AU), Asia Art Archive (HK), Chimurenga (SA), Lucas Ihlein (AU), Annette Krauss & Casco Art Institute (NLD), Alex Martinis Roe (AU/DE), Kym Maxwell (AU), and The Mulka Project (AU)
Curator: Hannah Mathews

Shapes of Knowledge brings together eight projects from artists, collectives and organisations from across Australia and the globe to reflect on the different platforms, spaces and timeframes in which knowledge is produced and shared.

The exhibition responds to a growing international discourse around pedagogy and contemporary art. Ranging from a mini debating ring for respectful argument, a cinema of Indigenous culture, wunderkammers of cherished objects, test sites for future greening technology, radio broadcasts and performance lectures - the projects in Shapes of Knowledge variously address how we live, how we learn, and the unique ability of art to animate our sensory experiences and critical faculties.

Michael Stevenson: Serene velocity in practice: MC510/CS183

22 May – 6 July 2019

Serene velocity in practice: MC510/CS183 2017 is a major commission by renowned New Zealand artist Michael Stevenson well-known for his sculptural works that ‘excavate the ironies of history through scrutiny of its relics and artefacts’.


24 July – 21 September 2019
Guest curator: Warren Taylor

‘A book is a space-time sequence’ – Ulises Carrión

Bookworks is a survey of contemporary artist book publishing that brings six contributors together at MUMA in an exhibition organised by guest curator, designer and educator Warren Taylor.

Featuring the work of artists, graphic designers, bookmakers and publishers, the exhibition explores the conceptual, technical and material form of artist books – their history, production, classification and distribution. In addition to works by leading practitioners, Bookworks includes workshops, forums and an ambitious Art Library comprising up to 800 artist books and publications.

Mariana Castillo Deball: Replaying Life’s Tape

5 October – 7 December 2019
Curator: Hannah Mathews

The first Australian exhibition of influential Mexico-born, Berlin-based artist Mariana Castillo Deball is the result of MUMA’s invitation to the artist to undertake a long-term project here.

Castillo Deball has focused on the Ediacara Hills region of South Australia, significant for its rich and remarkably intact fossil record of ancient organisms that helped to change the way we understand early life on the planet.

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