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24 July – 21 September 2019

Participants: Adam Cruickshank, Will Holder, Olaf Nicolai, Roma Publications, Batia Suter, Ella Sutherland

Curator: Warren Taylor

‘A book is a time-space sequence’ – Ulises Carrión

Melbourne is home to a vibrant culture of art publishing. Against the rise of digital media, the printed book has continued, if not grown, in its presence within and about art and its practices.

This exhibition explores the conceptual, technical and material form of artist books – their history, production, classification and distribution. Featuring the work of artists, graphic designers, book makers and publishers, the exhibition will host workshops and forums in partnership with Monash’s School of Design, as well as an independent art library that functions as an incubator for research and design.

Media Kit:

Bookworks media kit


Coming soon. Designed and edited by Warren Taylor, it is co-published by Monash University Museum of Art and Perimeter Editions, and features an essay by Warren Taylor, text by Adam Cruickshank, conversation with James Langdon and contributions from exhibition participants.

Image courtesy of Roma Publications

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