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Without Borders: Outsider Art in an Antipodean Context

30 August – 21 September 2008

Campbelltown Arts Centre, NSW

Alvaro Alvarez, Norman Ballou, Slim Barrie, Morton Bartlett, Laron Bickerstaff, Leigh Blenkinsop, Sue Chan, Thanh Diep, John Ellenden and Matthew Hopkins, Howard Finster, Rolfe Hattaway, Carol Hiltunen, John Hiltunen, Warren Jee, Colin Korovin, Jonathan Lunt, John Patrick Mckenzie, Cameron Noble, Jodie Noble, Bill Payne, Lisa Reid, Jose Dos Santos, Gordon Shepard, Alex Schwitalia, Judith Scott, Amy Szostak, Reece Tong, William Tyler, Alfred Wallis and Miles Howard Wilks

Guest Curators:
Glenn Barkley, Chief Executive Officer, Ergas Collection, and Peter Fay, independent curator

Monash University Gallery
16 April – 21 June 2008

Without Borders considers the place of 'outsider art' and situates the work of Australian and New Zealand artists in an international, trans-historical context. The exhibition focuses on the artists' ability to create rich idiosyncratic visual worlds based on popular culture, mythology and lived experience; a primacy and urgent vitality in the construction and rendering of their work; an emphasis on materiality and process; and the ability to transform humble materials and objects through artistic insight and creativity. The exhibition will include works in a diversity of media from painting, sculpture, photography, books, film and animation.

Film, Video and Animation Program:
Runs concurrently with exhibition, featuring work by Norman Ballou, Laron Bickerstaff, Sue Chan, Thanh Diep, John Ellenden and Matthew Hopkins, Carol Hiltunen, John Hiltunen, Warren Jee, Jonathan Lunt, Cameron Noble, Jodie Noble, Alex Schwitalia, Gordon Shepard, William Tyler and Miles Howard Wilks.

Without Borders has been produced in partnership with Campbelltown Arts Centre

Exhibition Invitation:
Without Borders

Without Borders Installation images

Public Program:
Beyond the Margins: Contexts and Complexities around the Collection and Display of Outsider Art, Thursday 22 May 2008

Image: Judith Scott, Untitled (JS-9) 2005, fibre and found objects, Courtesy Creative Growth Art Centre, Oakland, Cal., USA