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Olaf Nicolai

Two readings from Olaf Nicolai & Jan Wenzel’s Four Times Through the Labyrinth

Wednesday 4 September, 6pm
Free entry

Join us for an evening of readings from German artist, Olaf Nicolai’s famed artist publication, Four Times Through the Labyrinth. Published by Spector Books in 2013, and translated from the German by Sadie Plant, this publication serves as both a reference system to Nicolai’s work and an independent source book that explores and combines a broad spectrum of topics related to the labyrinth theme, from the fable of the minotaur to the floorplan of IKEA.

Renowned for his conceptual work, Nicolai uses publishing as a method to translate, contextualise and examine his practice. With almost 100 publications to date, Nicolai will expand a selection of projects for the Bookworks exhibition at MUMA, including Four Times Through the Labyrinth and HOW TO PRODUCE A SITE-SPECIFIC WORK ANYWHERE, which involves a doppelgänger acting
as the artist for a period before the show.

‘This book enlarges the traditional catalogue of labyrinths so much and so well, being itself labyrinthine.’
- Jean-Luc Nancy, French deconstructionist philosopher

Guest performers to be announced.

Image: Olaf Nicolai, cover, Four Times Through the Labyrinth 2012, Olaf Nicolai and Jan Wenzel. Published by Spector Books & Rollo Press, Zürich/Leipzig