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Callum Morton

galvanised steel, LED lights
Commissioned with the generous gift of Marc Besen AO and Eva Besen AO 2010
Monash University Collection
Location: between Buildings F & G, Caulfield campus

Callum Morton’s Silverscreen recalls the nostalgic form of the drive-in cinema screen. Paradoxically, it occupies the space between two buildings – tightly located between Building F which houses the Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA) and Building G which is home to the Faculty of Monash Art Design  and Architecture. This soaring sculpture references Melbourne architect Kerstin Thompson’s strategy of privileging the in-between spaces that connect MUMA’s internal galleries while also framing the entry into MUMA’s Ian Potter Sculpture Court from Dandenong Road. Silverscreen appears  like a provisional structure or scaffold to suggest that the museum is forever in the process of assemblage and reconstruction. It is both positive and negative: monumental in scale, form and memory, yet anti-monumental in its open weave, utility and permeability. It is at once spectacular in its mode  of address and yet, in turning its back to its audience, withholds the spectacle of the silver screen.

Photo: John Brash