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Murray Barker & Laith McGregor
Step up KO and OK point from the Monoliths series 2014

concrete, copper, stainless steel
Monash University Public Art Commission with the support of Facilities and Services, 2014
Monash University Collection
Location: 21 Chancellors Walk, Clayton campus

Located in the Northern Plaza of the Campus Centre, this pair of concrete table-tennis tables are sculptural artworks intended to be used to bring people together to sit and play. Working together, the artist Laith McGregor and architect Murray Barker, have drawn on the language of public monuments and archaic architecture for the design of these unconventional sporting equipment. Like the tall monolith in Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A space odyssey, the tables’ materiality and geometric form suggests a symbolic gravitas and civic significance. Reminiscent of an altar or even a tomb, these qualities lend an unexpected weight to the humble game of table tennis.

Please bring your own bat and ball and enjoy a game!

Photo: Christian Capurro