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Natasha Johns-Messenger

Water-Orb 2018

Ian Potter Sculpture Court Commission, 2018

Location: 9 Ancora Imparo Way, Monash University Clayton Campus

Natasha Johns-Messenger’s practice is primarily concerned with altering ordinary ways of seeing. Through a range of perceptual and spatial devices, she seeks to heighten our awareness and experience of our immediate environment. In Water-Orb 2018 Johns-Messenger uses simple optical physics to activate a chasm between what we think we see and what we know. Employing an ocular-like form, the work beckons our observation of a dynamic body of water that appears to defy gravity as it flows.

MUMA’s annual Ian Potter Sculpture Court Commission has been established to provide opportunities for artists to explore new models of practice, thinking and research into public sculpture and architectural practice. Natasha Johns-Messenger’s Water-Orb 2018 is the fourth commission in this series.

Supported by MUMA Contemporaries.

Photo: Christian Capurro