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Open Spatial Workshop (OSW)
Anthropocite 2015

concrete, asphalt, glass and plastic
Monash University Public Art Commission with the support of the Faculty of Science, 2015
Monash University Collection
Location: Monash Earth Sciences Garden, Clayton campus

The Monash Earth Sciences Garden comprises nearly 500 rock specimens weighing up to 14 tons. Laid out to represent a pattern of rock outcrops, these specimens are set amongst native plants representing each geological region in Victoria, Australia. The garden was developed by the landscape architects Rush Wright, working closely with geologists from Monash University and the collaborative art group Open Spatial Workshop (OSW), which comprises Terri Bird, Bianca Hester and Scott Mitchell. OSW’s contribution to the garden includes the realisation of five new rock formations titled Anthropocite. Conceived by the artists as speculative residue of the future, these rocks are composed of a range of manufactured and human material including concrete, asphalt, glass and plastic.

Listen to the video narrative: