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Jen Berean

Pat Foster and Jen Berean
Unity and fragments (a brief interruption) 2013

stainless steel and laminated glass
130.0 x 2700.0 x 3.5cm overall
Ian Potter Sculpture Court Commission, 2013

Pat Foster and Jen Berean’s Unity and fragments (a brief interruption) considered the implications of the built environment and our daily interaction with art and architecture in public spaces. Referencing the architectural forms and materials common to public furniture, the five-part stainless steel and glass sculptures  continued  the  artists’ investigations into the hidden systems that make up the sites andinfrastructures that surround us.

Unity and fragments (a brief introduction) was Foster and Berean’s first outdoor artwork. It took the form of a long, waist-height fence that snaked its way diagonally across the Ian Potter Sculpture Court, bisecting public seating and otherwise fragmenting sections of the public plaza.

Instead of drawing attention to its materials and scale, like other more spectacular public artworks, Unity and fragments (a brief interruption) was almost imperceptible, blending into the material and architectural environs of the university with a scale that was resolutely human. Nevertheless, Unity and fragments (a brief interruption) subtly impeded movement through the courtyard  with  reference  to Richard Serra’s Tilted Arc of 1981. The work seamlessly affected the audience’s movement without drawing attention to itself.

Photo: Jen Berean