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Rose Nolan

red and white ceramic tiles
Monash University Collection
Monash University Public Art Commission, 2017
Location: Monash University Caulfield Library

Rose Nolan works with text as a readymade – transforming words and casual sayings, often phrases that she overhears in public, into bold works that can be read or experienced as abstract graphic designs. The phrase ‘give or take’, for instance, is rarely written down but is often used in conversation to mean ‘plus or minus’, ‘more or less’, ‘approximately’. Enlarged and spelt out along a fifteen-metre wall in red and white ceramic ‘penny’ tiles, Nolan’s GIVE OR TAKE addresses students who access the Caulfield Library regularly, prompting them to consider the different registers of language they adopt and engage with each day, while reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Photo: Andrew Curtis