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Les Kossatz
untitled 1968

laminated leadlight glass windows
Monash University Collection
Location: Religious Centre, 38 Exhibition Walk, Clayton campus

The Monash Religious Centre was designed by John Mockridge of the Melbourne architectural firm Mockridge Stahle & Mitchell, and built in 1967. The Religious Centre was planned by the Christian and Jewish communities of Melbourne as a space that could be used by all religious groups. Mockridge commissioned Les  Kossatz, then a young artist primarily known for his paintings and sculptures, to make twenty stained glass windows for the circular ‘Great Hall’ of the Centre. Responding to the non-denominational nature of the building, Kossatz decided to work strictly with  abstraction – avoiding religious imagery  of any sort. He also decided to develop a theme of unity through and between the twenty individual windows; he achieved this by running floating ribbons of colour throughout each of the windows so they became visually interlinked. The success of this commission encouraged the University to accept  Roy Grounds’s proposal to use stained glass in the west wall of his design for the Robert Blackwood Hall, which resulted in Leonard French’s Alpha and omega commission.