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A virtual museum of pathological specimens has immense historical value, however, I believe its principal raison d'être is to provide teaching material at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Its availability over the Internet provides for student cantered flexible learning. The photographs are principally for the use of medical and health science students but should, additionally, be of value to surgeons and radiologists in training, particularly with the final Fellowship examinations in mind. The first edition of my virtual museum was created in 1998 however with technological advancements the web design has had to be modified to allow it to run on today's modern platforms I am grateful to the Monash AudiVisual team for making this transformation.

The museum material has undoubted bias towards surgical conditions as the majority of specimens have been obtained at operation and, less frequently, in the post mortem room. All the photographed specimens were part of the Alfred Hospital Pathology Museum which was initially established by the Pathology Director, Dr. A. V. Jackson and further flourished under the leadership of Dr. Brian Essex. The Alfred Hospital museum is unfortunately no longer in existence.

I have divided the pot descriptions into two sections, comprising a brief clinical history where available and a description of the salient macroscopic features. In some cases, a concise and hopefully up to date resume of the important clinicopathological information regarding the condition shown is also given.

Professor Ruth Salom Director of Pathology, Monash University 2014

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