Metastatic Osteosarcoma

Clinical History

No clinical details are available regarding this patient.


The specimen is a heart sliced open to display the right ventricular and atrial cavities. The atrial wall shows considerable thickening (up to 3 cm), the normal muscular tissue having been largely replaced by whitish tumour tissue which, in parts, shows areas of necrosis. The tumour tissue is projecting into the right atrium smooth ovoid nodules from 3 mm to 2 cm in largest diameter. The right coronary artery has been cut across and can be seen on the right and left of the specimen. On the left, the artery is surrounded by tumour tissue but the lumen is patent. The tricuspid valve is normal. There is an increase in fat beneath the visceral layer of pericardium. This is an example of sarcomatous metastasis from a primary osteogenic sarcoma of the right humerus. This was verified histologically.