Mixed Testicular Tumour - Teratoma and Seminoma

Clinical History

This was a surgical specimen from a 47 year old man with a 9 month history of slow, painless testicular enlargement.


The specimen is of a testis 5.5 cm in length, with attached epididymis and cord, sliced longitudinally to display the cut surface. Approximately 40% of the testis has been replaced by a variegated partly necrotic mass of pale brown tumour tissue containing small foci of haemorrhage. The mass is not encapsulated and has extended through the tunica and upwards along the surface of the spermatic cord, which is thickened. On the right of the specimen the testis contains a crescentic area of firm white tissue 3.5 x 1.3 cm, probably fibrous. The elongated piece of pale brown tissue 20 x 5 mm above and to the right of this area is a portion of sectioned epididymis. Histologically this was a mixed testicular tumour: malignant.


See Note R4 W3.