Red Degeneration In A Prostatic Leiomyoma

Clinical History

This 77 year old man presented in acute retention with a 2 year history of difficulty in micturition with frequency, poor stream and dribbling. Transvesical prostatectomy was performed. Post-operatively the patient developed a suprapubic urinary fistula and died several days following an operation to close the fistula. The probable cause of death was uraemia secondary to pyelonephritis.


The specimens are 2 slices of prostatic tissue measuring 73 mm in maximum transverse diameter. In one of the lateral lobes on the right hand side of the upper, and the left hand side of the lower specimen there is a round encapsulated nodule approximately 3 cm in diameter, with a fibrous capsule up to 2 mm thick. Centrally the nodule appears necrotic with dark foci of congestion. In life it had a reddish hue. This is an example of a leiomyoma of the prostate showing 'red degeneration'. The other lateral lobe has a finely nodular appearance consistent with nodular hyperplasia of the prostate.


See Note R2 N2