MICCN researchers currently collaborate with over 20 businesses. These range from small local start-ups and SMEs such as Optalert to global companies like Philips Healthcare. We also work with government agencies such as the Transport Accident Commission.

Stories of industry and science

One of our top priorities as a neuroscience institute is to move beyond knowledge creation and discovery to see our findings contributing to a better world.

We do this by working with industry to develop innovative technologies in the fields of attention and memory, addiction and sleep.

We are proud to have developed technologies that are already helping children learn, and improving road and workplace safety. And we are working with our industry partners to fuel a pipeline of commercial neurotechnologies.

We also have our eye firmly on the future.

In 2016, MICCN will launch a new PhD program with an industry-focus. It will provide our industry partners the opportunity to host MICCN's top doctoral students in work placements through the Translational Internship in Industry Program.