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Industry Partners

The Beck Institute logoThe Beck Institute
MICCN has partnered with The Beck Institute, to assist in the evaluation of their state-of-the-art treatments, training and specialist supervision programs to psychiatrists, psychologists, and other health professionals worldwide.
Cogstate  Cogstate This Melbourne-based company focuses on optimising cognition measurements in drug efficacy trials, healthcare, research and brain injury. MICCN is working with Cogstate to investigate speech as a marker of sleepiness in response to insomnia medication.
CSIRO  Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
MICCN researchers at Monash Biomedical Imaging are part of the ASPREE research network, and, with CSIRO and Monash School of Public Health & Preventive Medicine, are studying dementia and stroke risk in the elderly. ASPREE, a collaboration between US and Australian research teams, is the largest study ever undertaken to investigate health effects of low-dose aspirin in the elderly.
CRC  Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity
Through Monash, MICCN is the lead academic institution of the Alertness CRC, which is developing products and systems to measure, predict and manage impaired alertness in occupational and transport settings. The CRC's 29 industry partners include Respironics Inc, BUPA Health Foundation, National Transport Commission and the International Council on Mining & Metals.
ISCRR  The Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research
This research-policy institute based in Melbourne, Victoria, works in partnership with MICCN to improve treatment of traumatic brain injury.
Grey innovationGrey Innovation
This commercialisation technology company has offices in Garching, Germany, and Melbourne, Australia. It is part of an industry-MICCN collaboration developing TALI, a tablet app for children with attention difficulties.
Monclarity  Monclarity
Produces the personalised brain-training app Brainwell. MICCN provides scientific advice.
Novartis pharmaceuticals  Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Using a combination of ocular motor measures, imaging techniques and neuropsychological assessments, MICCN is working with Novartis to develop tools to accurately monitor the progression of multiple sclerosis and the effectiveness of new treatments.
Optalert  Optalert This Australian Biotech company develops wearable technology to measure driver drowsiness in real-time. MICCN researchers are helping assess ocular biomarkers designed to monitor alertness to reduce accidents.
Philips respironics
Philips Respironics
MICCN is working with Respironics part of the multinational company Philips Healthcare, on screening tools for the management of circadian-rhythm sleep disorders, and circadian-related neuropsychiatric disorders.
SmartCap  SmartCap Technology
A spinoff of CRCMining, SmartCap Technology is the developer of SmartCap, and operator-fatigue monitoring system. MICCN assisted in the validation of this technology, and continue to use it in research.
torus gamesTorus Games
Melbourne-based Torus Games helped develop TALI, a tablet app for children with attention difficulties.
TAC  Transport Accident Commission
An Australian state-government organisation that promotes road safety, and provides for treatment and care of people injured in transport accidents. MICCN works with TAC to improve treatment of traumatic brain injury {link to story about Jennie's work; link to Jennie's lab website}, and on drowsy-driving public awareness campaigns
Vanda pharmaceuticals  Vanda Pharmaceuticals
MICCN is working with this biopharmaceutical company based in Washington DC to test new pharmaceuticals for the treatment of circadian-rhythm sleep disorders. Tasimelteon, a melatonin agonist, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2014 to treat non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder.
Vicroads  VicRoads
VicRoads is an Australian-state statutory authority responsible for Victoria's road system. MICCN works with VicRoads to better understand risk factors associated with driver fatigue, particularly in younger drivers, and to evaluate tools and systems to monitor impaired states.
Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation  Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation
This independent statutory authority aims to foster greater understanding of responsible gambling. MICCN works with the authority to run conferences and professional workshops for allied health and research staff on the neuroscience of gambling behaviours and evidence-based approaches to treatment.