Integrated research programs

With our three integrated research programs, MICCN is a unique institute capable of revolutionary insight and advancement in areas of critical importance to well-being.


MICCN's addiction program researchers focus on understanding how the core cognitive processes, and their neural underpinnings contribute to vulnerability to substance and behavioural addictions (including obsessive-compulsive, and related disorders), to shape different forms of addiction and to influence recovery from addictive and compulsive behaviours.

Attention and Memory

MICCN's attention and memory program researchers focus on the brain basis of attention and memory, as well as related concepts such as consciousness, perception and executive functions (such as action and cognitive control). Rehabilitation and cognitive training in both acquired brain disorders such as stroke and traumatic brain injury, as well as developmental disorders such as autism and ADHD are major strengths of the program.


MICCN's sleep program researchers use a wide range of methods to develop and test innovative tools to accurately characterise sleep and circadian disturbances. This information is then used to create targeted treatment approaches to improve sleep and therefore the cognitive and mental health outcomes of the population.