Sleep and health

Our sleep and health research investigates evidence-based treatments and approaches to sleep and circadian deficiencies and disorders.

This research is enhanced by access to the research-driven Monash University Healthy Sleep Clinic, and the Monash Sleep and Circadian Medicine Laboratory, part of the Be Active Sleep Eat Human (BASE) platform.

Our investigations include the role of sleep and circadian disorders in cognition and mood problems, including depression, and cognitive decline in the elderly.

Insomnia and depression are prominent and disabling consequences of traumatic brain injury. A suite of studies are investigating light therapy, melatonin, and cognitive behaviour therapy for improving sleep and mood in people with traumatic brain injury.

Our research into the critical role of sleep in the development, maintenance, and treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) aims to develop improved treatments for insomnia, nightmares, and PTSD.

MICCN is a member of the Monash Sleep Network, a multidisciplinary consortium of sleep research and clinical laboratories at Monash University and its affiliated hospitals.