Assessment In Health Professions Education

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19 July 2018 at 12:00 am – 21 July 2018 at 12:00 am
Monash University
Notting Hill Campus
Medicine, Nursing, Health Science; Seminars & Workshops


Education in the health professions involves extensive assessment of students or trainees. This 3 day course is designed to help you develop or extend your knowledge about assessment and to provide you with frameworks to refine the implementation of assessment in your professional context. You will learn a systems approach to assessment in which your individual assessment practices will be located within the broader framework encompassing your learners, your course(s), your institution, your accrediting body, and the community in which you and your trainees practice (e.g., patients and their families, multi-disciplinary teams within which you work). You will explore the intimate relationship between assessment and learning, and the essentials of effective and quality assessment. You will learn the skills to develop assessment programs that align with the desired objectives and outcomes of your program.

The teaching approach during each of the three study days will oscillate between interactive didactic sessions on assessment in the health professions from a broad ‘balcony’ perspective, to practical exercises aimed to contextualise or ‘ground’ the broader content to your individual assessment practices. The study days are directed towards a cumulative approach to understanding contemporary approaches to assessment in the health professions, and your development of a program of assessment that is relevant to your learners and in a way that is appropriate for your discipline or course. The course culminates in group presentations of your developed program of assessment. Attendance across all three days of the course is therefore required.

Monash Institute for Health and Clinical Education