Dr. L Subramaniam – Live in Concert

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5 October 2017 at 8:30 pm
Music Auditorium, Monash University
Alumni; Faculty of Arts; Performing Arts


Dr. L. Subramaniam, India’s violin icon, has the serenity of an Indian musician combined with the magnetism of a Western star. Constantly propelled from Singapore to Paris, from Delhi to Los Angeles, he has conquered every audience with the elegance and virtuosity of his style.

Till date, Dr. Subramaniam has produced, performed, collaborated on, and conducted close to two hundred recordings. He is the only musician who has performed and recorded South Indian and Western classical music, both orchestral and non-orchestral, composed and conducted major orchestras as well as film scores, and collaborated with a wide range of the greatest musicians from different genres of music. His identity is strongly Indian with a universal approach.

He was a musical advisor to Peter Brook on sound concepts for Mahabharata and has composed music for celebrated films such as Salaam Bombay and Mississippi Masala; he was also the featured soloist for Bernardo Bertolucci’s Little Buddha and Merchant-Ivory’s Cotton Mary.