Guest lecture: The Caring Campus Project: Addressing substance misuse among male post-secondary students: Encouraging dialogue, participation and action

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28 February 2018 at 2:00 pm – 28 February 2018 at 3:00 pm
The Seahorse Tavern, Building U
Open to:
Staff and students
Monash only; Other events; Peninsula campus



Professor Emeritas Terry Krupa, Ph.D., M.Ed., B.Sc.(OT) (University of Toronto) , FCAOT. School of Rehabilitation Therapy, Queens University, Canada.

About the Caring Campus Project

The Caring Campus project was a 3-year intervention research project funded by Movember Canada that fostered new awareness regarding the interconnection between gender, mental health and substance (specifically alcohol) misuse on three university campuses in Canada, and encouraged new approaches to promote young men’s health. 

The project was aimed to help first-year male students self-manage the risk associated with substance misuse, reduce stigma attached to substance misuse and to mental health problems; and create a supportive and caring campus environment. An overall participatory framework with the integration of four evidence-based approaches - the Substance-Use Wellness Tool, contact-based education, the Social Norms approach, and the Summit student driven approach - was demonstrated through a gendered perspective. We demonstrated that male students are willing to assume leadership roles to promote mental health and healthier alcohol use to their peers and enact a social agenda for change. Empowerment strategies encouraged male students to enlist like-minded peers to advance men’s mental health and transform campus drinking cultures, including countering gender-based ideals and norms associated with mental health problems and substance misuse. 

There is now great potential to influence the way in which other post-secondary institutions approach mental wellness and substance misuse using the Caring Campus model, which uses student empowerment to catalyze change.

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