Monash University Disaster Resilience Forum

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5 July 2018 at 9:00 am – 5 July 2018 at 5:00 pm
E7 Lecture Theatre, 14 Alliance Lane
Monash University, Clayton Campus
MUARC; Other events; General


Forum overview

Due to popular demand, the MUDRI Annual Forum returns for its 6th showcasing event to address community needs and help drive resilience strengthening activities. Session 1 provides leading exemplars of current community-based resilience initiatives. In Sessions 2 & 3, the community speaks and shares their resilience building activities. Participants have the opportunity to learn, question and provide feedback. A Q&A styled panel of experienced community resilience leaders in Session 4 will respond to participants' questions about 'how can we most effectively help the community in their resilience building endeavours?'

Resilience Network

Feedback from previous Forums and the continued evolution of the Compendium has resulted in a strong, statewide network of community-based resilience leaders driving community development activities to support their communities. This Network provides valuable opportunities for the broadest range of people engaged in developing community-based resilience. This Community-based Resilience Network enables participants to benefit from connecting with like-minded people.

Compendium of Victorian Community-based Resilience Case Studies 

A key tenet of the Compendium promotes the sharing of resilience-building activities to help people and communities before, during and after unexpected emergencies. The Online Compendium provides free access for anyone wanting to help community members build expertise, reduce program duplication and save valuable resources. MUDRI aided by a small steering group will continue to support and grow each of the Forums, Network and Compendium.


See program outline (PDF, 0.47 MB)

Samantha Bailey