Overcoming the challenges of managing chronic diseases in persons with dementia

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23 February 2018 at 8:45 am – 23 February 2018 at 5:15 pm
AMREP Lecture Theatre, 55 Commercial Road, The Alfred, Melbourne.
$220 incl. GST
Medicine, Nursing, Health Science; Peninsula campus; Seminars & Workshops


Health services are increasingly facing the challenges of delivering effective health care to persons with dementia who also have other chronic conditions such as diabetes mellitus, heart failure and chronic pulmonary disease. The cornerstone of optimal management of any chronic disease requires effective patient self-management especially for people with dementia who have specific care needs and require a tailored approach.

The increasing prevalence of age-related chronic illness along with a decline in the availability of informal caregivers calls for innovative programs to support self-management at a primary care level. This patient group is growing rapidly and health services face major challenges in keep these patients healthy and living in the community.

This seminar provides information for participants about the diagnosis of cognitive impairment, an understanding of their cognitive abilities and novel ways to assist with self-management. This is essential knowledge in contemporary practice that enables clinicians to recognise and manage common co-morbidities in persons with dementia in ambulatory settings. The seminar also describes why sub-optimal self-management occurs due to the different types of cognitive impairment. It will also highlight common clinical risks and equip clinicians in the field with strategies to support persons with dementia and chronic diseases.

Melissa Gillespie
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