Groundbreaking partnership to deliver innovative solutions to improve sleep and mental health

MICCN-Medibio partnership

The Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences (MICCN) is pleased to announce the establishment of a new partnership with Medibio Limited, to create innovative approaches to improve the sleep and mental health outcomes of the population.

By bringing together MICCN’s world-leading sleep and circadian expertise and Medibio's mental health diagnostics capabilities, the collaboration will translate cutting-edge science into next-generation mental health solutions.

MICCN is the largest Institute of its type in the Asia Pacific, uniting over 200 world-class researchers with cutting-edge research infrastructure. The Institute is dedicated to understanding the brain and mind - specifically in key integrated research programs of attention and memory, sleep, and addiction – seeking to directly and actively support the use of this knowledge in the clinic, the workplace, and also through collaborations with industry and the community.

The MICCN-Medibio partnership will involve a broad range of initiatives focused on the further development of Medibio’s early detection and monitoring solutions and MICCN’s advanced research and treatment approaches for sleep and circadian disorders for the clinical and work setting.

This partnership opens opportunities for access to a wealth of data from sleep disorder and other groups of patients through the Monash Sleep Network.

Director of MICCN’s Sleep Program, Professor Shantha Rajaratnam, said the partnership brought together Monash’s world leading expertise with industry partner Medibio to improve sleep and mental health outcomes for individuals.

”The partnership leverages MICCN’s high impact research and world-leading capability in sleep science and advanced diagnostic and treatment approaches for sleep disorders with the world-class mental health analytics capabilities of Medibio.

"This collaboration with Medibio is an exciting and significant strategic step for MICCN as we look to translate our research into real-world outcomes through deep and enduring partnerships with industry”.

In commenting on the partnership, Kris Knauer, Medibio’s CEO said, “Given the market’s shift to value-based health care, MICCN provides extensive insights into sleep related services that provide meaningful clinical outcomes and economic value in the area of mental health.”