Indigenous Australian Voices

Statement from Monash University

Monash University was the first university to support research and teaching into contemporary Indigneous society and we are very proud to continue working towards positive change and attitudes, and addressing the legacies of the past. We actively encourage our staff and students to understand the past and contemporary experiences of Indigenous Australians.

The Indigenous Australian Voices module was introduced as a compulsory module in July 2022 following a lengthy consultation period with students and a pilot program delivered in 2021 with 6,000 students. The introduction of this module was approved by the University Education Committee and Academic Board.

Our student associations have been vocal in their support of this module and the impact on students for non-completion.

The University has deemed these modules contain information relevant to all students, not just while at university but in all facets of life. We aim to support students to develop broad knowledge and skills that support them and the communities in which they will enter as professionals in their associated disciplines.

This 15-minute module, which is ungraded (zero credit points, and zero fees), was developed to provide students with an opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia, and gain an important understanding of the rich and complex histories of First Nations Peoples and the lands on which we study, work and live.

To date, more than 49,000 students have completed the module.

Whilst some students may already have a depth of knowledge of the experiences of Indigneous Australians, if one student doesn’t then this module is worth it.

The University will continue to assess the introduction of compulsory modules. The introduction of compulsory modules follows a thorough process involving multiple areas of the University. The Indigenous Australian Voices module is one of three compulsory modules, including academic integrity and Respect at Monash.

As with all mandatory modules, students who do not complete them by the deadline will lose access to units in Moodle until they are completed. Incompletion of the module will NOT directly impact exam attendance or graduation. Students who complete their academic units will be eligible to sit exams and graduate regardless of the completion status of compulsory modules.