It’s not so out there – learn how to live on Mars


Getting to Mars is relatively easy, but how do you live there?

Monash University academics have created a world-first online course designed to teach participants about how to live on Mars, where there is no air, water or food.

Astrophysicist Dr Jasmina Lazendic-Galloway, and chemist Professor Tina Overton, have developed an interdisciplinary online science journey to inspire new generations of Martian explorers.

“Mars is going to be the next big thing,” said Dr Lazendic-Galloway.

“Space agencies, as well as private companies are already sending human missions to Mars.

“It is the only planet in the solar system where humans could possibly live, which is why it's so fascinating.”

But sustaining life on Mars is going to be a real challenge, which will require some amazing science and meticulous planning, Professor Overton explained.

The course, titled ‘How to Survive on Mars: the Science Behind the Human Exploration of Mars’, will show participants how to apply basic science to explore possible ways of producing water, oxygen, food and energy on Mars. A highlight of the course is the range of Monash scientists who will make regular guest appearances throughout the program.

This free online course is for anyone who wants to learn more about the basic science required to survive on Mars, and does not require prior knowledge of the subject.

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