Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Monash University unreservedly apologises for images included in an online video module on Academic Integrity which depicted an animated person identified by Jewish characteristics.

The video was intended to show the many races, religions and ethnicities which represent the diversity of our global Monash community. In no way was it meant to suggest that any of the proscribed behaviours captured in the video were aligned to a culture, race or any other group.

Once we were alerted to negative interpretation of the video, and the perceived bias or discrimination in use of the specific character in this context, we pulled the original from circulation and modified the video immediately. We have since reviewed the whole suite of animations in light of this issue.

Unfortunately images of the original video are still circulating on social media channels, however we can assure you that this video in its former version is no longer in circulation or in use by the University.

While the use of the image was inadvertent, Monash University acknowledges this was a result of inadequate scrutiny and oversight at the right level. We have introduced new oversight and approval procedures to ensure this does not happen again, and a member of the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive team will have final sign-off on assets such as this in future.

President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Margaret Gardner AC