Monash presence in Canberra on climate change

Canberra MSI

Scientists meet with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and Mark Butler, Shadow Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water at Parliament House Canberra.

Monash Sustainability Institute's (MSI) Professor Dave Griggs recently travelled to Canberra with seven other eminent Australian climate scientists from Australian universities and the CSIRO to brief politicians on the Science of Climate Change in the lead up to COP21 in Paris.

The briefings enabled scientists to present members, senators and their advisors from all parties with the latest research, and allowed parliamentary staff to learn more about local, regional and global impacts of climate change including the effects of rising sea levels, the economics of reducing Australia's emissions and mitigation and adaptation measures.

As well as the information sessions, members and senators were offered private briefings which focussed on emissions targets, global warming temperatures and issues facing pertaining to their individual electorates.

Questions at the sessions centred on the impact of climate change on the economy, the ability of coral to recover from the effects of global warming and whether it was possible to limit global warming to no more than two degrees Celsius

“Parliamentarians get bombarded with information about climate change from a wide range of sources. Ahead of the important climate negotiations in Paris it was good to be able to ensure that Parliamentarians were able to hear the voice of the scientists who really know what is going on,” Professor Griggs said.

It is hoped that these sessions become regular events with the opportunity to encourage further dialogue between climate scientists and parliamentary personnel. 

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