Monash Warwick Alliance 2016 second round funding opens

Fresh funding opportunities are now available to academic staff and students from Monash University and the University of Warwick.

Since 2012, the Monash Warwick Alliance has brought together the exceptional teaching and research capabilities of two world-class universities, delivering research outcomes with valuable real-world applications and forging enduring and productive partnerships. This year, the Alliance has been renewed for a further five-year term, creating exciting new opportunities for researchers and students.

So far, the Alliance has approved over 70 funding applications, including the seed funding for the ‘Mechanisms for efficient energy transport (MEET)’ project. MEET is the vision of Monash University’s Dr Kavan Modi, School of Physics and Astronomy, and Dr Animesh Datta of the University of Warwick’s Department of Physics. Dr Modi said the funding has given him a unique opportunity to engage in innovative research with a global partner.

“The Alliance Seed Fund scheme has given us the resources to conduct leading research, and offers academics and students opportunities that extend beyond the University,” Dr Modi said.

Dr Datta said the funding has given the team a powerful international advantage.

“To be able to reach across the globe and collaborate with peers in the quantum information science field is highly valuable, not only to potential research outcomes, but to the creation of an inclusive environment where ideas can be shared and developed,” Dr Datta said.

Academics and students seeking potential research partners can use an online tool developed by the University of Warwick. Piirus connects researchers from related fields across both universities.

Two funding schemes are on offer in the Monash Warwick Alliance second round of funding for 2016.

Alliance Seed Fund: This is open to academic staff to support development of new, strategically-aligned education and research initiatives with high potential that combine complementary aspects of each institution towards novel and sustainable outcomes.

Alliance Student-Led Activity Scheme: Open to students from undergraduate to PhD level to support activities that integrate students and transfer knowledge and innovation across institutions.

Applications close on 13 November 2016.

Formed in early 2012, the Monash Warwick Alliance represents an innovation in higher education and research and aims to accelerate the exchange of people, ideas and information between Monash University and the University of Warwick.