Monash Warwick Alliance 2017 first round funding now open

Dr Marie Yap

The first round of Monash Warwick Alliance funding for 2017 is now open. The various schemes offer academic staff and students at both universities new opportunities for international collaboration in education and research.

Founded in 2012, the award-winning Alliance has supported a diverse range of research and student-led projects. In 2016, Dr Marie Yap of the Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences (MICCN) and Associate Professor Andrew Thompson of the Warwick Medical School were awarded funding for an upcoming mental health project, titled “Parenting strategies for parents of youths engaged in youth mental health (YMH) services”.

The funding will allow Dr Yap and Associate Professor Thompson, in collaboration with Dr Glenn Melvin of Monash University and Professor Max Birchwood of the University of Warwick, to develop innovative ways of equipping and upskilling parents of youths in YMH services.

“Through this project, we aim to establish a collaboration between YMH research and clinical experts, to address the gap in supporting the role and needs of young people’s parents in the delivery of YMH services,” Dr Yap explained.

Associate Professor Andrew Thompson

Associate Professor Thompson said the collaboration aims to further strengthen the universities’ research programs into the mental health needs of young people.

“Both Warwick and Monash have strong research programs on the mental health needs of young people. This collaboration aims to strengthen these links and develop novel technological interventions to improve the mental health of young people and the ability of carers to support young people with mental health problems,” he said.

Several funding schemes are on offer in the Monash Warwick Alliance first round of funding for 2017.

Alliance Seed Fund: This is open to academic staff to support development of new, strategically-aligned education and research initiatives with high potential that combine complementary aspects of each institution towards novel and sustainable outcomes.

Alliance Student-Led Activity Scheme: Open to students from undergraduate to PhD level to support activities that integrate students and transfer knowledge and innovation across institutions.

Monash Warwick Joint PhD Scholarships:

Monash Graduate Education is offering four Research Training Program (RTP) Stipends, valued at $26,682 p.a for new students enrolling in the Joint PhD with Warwick in 2017. Applications close on the 31 May, 2017.

Scholarships will be awarded based on academic achievement and merit and priority will be given to existing collaborations and staff.

These Monash Warwick Scholarships will be specifically tagged for domestic students and therefore available to Australian or New Zealand citizens, holders of an Australian permanent resident or permanent humanitarian visa. Please click here, to find out more and to apply online today.

Further information on funding schemes is now available. Applications close on 26 March 2017.

Academics and students seeking potential research partners can use an online tool developed by the University of Warwick. Piirus connects researchers from related fields across both universities.