Our nation's leading economists favour Clinton

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Australia’s interests would be much better served by the election of Hillary Clinton according to a new poll of members of the Monash-ESA forum.

Members of the Monash-ESA forum comprise some of Australia’s prominent economists, academics and business people. The forum is a joint initiative between Monash University’s Business School and the Economic Society of Australia.

Eighty-three percent of forum members polled, agreed or strongly agreed with the statement: ‘Hillary Clinton is likely to be the superior US presidential candidate for the Australian economy and for Australia’.

Forum member, Professor Lisa Cameron of Monash Business School said she had concerns about a possible gender bias against Hillary Clinton.

“I am sick of reading that both presidential candidates are weak candidates and seriously flawed. Hillary Clinton is one of the most experienced candidates to run for office. You need not agree with all of her policies but she is super smart, driven and has accomplished a great deal,” Professor Cameron said.

“Donald Trump is a dangerous, unpredictable egomaniac who knows very little about public policy,” Professor Cameron said.

Results of the poll will be available on the Monash University website today (https://business.monash.edu/economics-forum/us-election-2016). The results identify which members of the forum participated in the poll and who supported the statement and also includes any comments they made.

The Monash-ESA forum conducts regular polls on issues of major significance for the Australian economy.