Passionate PhD student recognised

Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson, a PhD student in the School of Psychology and Psychiatry, has been recognised by the Australian Psychological Society with the Award for Excellent Honours Thesis in Health Psychology.

Ross is interested in understanding the impacts that vision impairment and disability more generally have on psychological wellbeing and quality of life.

Ross is legally blind. When he was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition during early adolescence, he decided that it would be beneficial if there was someone specialised in the psychology surrounding vision impairment who had vision impairment themselves, as they would be better able to empathise with those with whom they worked.

In line with this interest, Ross was fortunate to be able to work on a project under the supervision of Dr Stuart Lee and Dr Narelle Warren in his Honours year, in the area of vision impairment and innovative vision restoration technology.

This project explored the expectations, perceptions and decision-making of people with vision impairment regarding an experimental cortical visual prosthesis. Ross is now undertaking a PhD in psychology at Monash, and is aiming to explore the impacts of vision impairment on psychological wellbeing in adolescents as well as the different resources and strategies that are helpful in coping with these impacts.

Ross hopes to gain valuable insights that will have practical implications for the continued improvement of vision rehabilitation services intended to address psychological impacts.