SBI Australia to be established at Monash


The Systems Biology Institute will be established at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute.

The Tokyo-based Systems Biology Institute (SBI) and Monash have today signed an agreement to establish SBI Australia at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI).

Systems biology is a multi-disciplinary approach to biological and biomedical research, in particular adopting a holistic perspective. The traditional scientific approach has been to examine biological puzzles, such as diseases, in as simplified a form as possible to counter the complexity of biological systems.

Improved technology has allowed systems biology practitioners to better cope with this complexity and examine biological questions in context. Forming in 2000, SBI has used this approach to vigorously pursue research related to healthcare and global sustainability.

Monash University Provost and Senior Vice-President, Professor Edwina Cornish signed the agreement on behalf of the University in Tokyo.

"The goals and vision of SBI and Monash align in our desire to address problems that matter - we both undertake projects to protect the environment and benefit human health. I am delighted that the University and ARMI are part of this forward-thinking collaboration," Professor Cornish said.

SBI Australia will tap into the strengths of researchers within ARMI and the broader University and focus on a range of projects from developing countermeasures for coral bleaching to innovative methods for cancer drug screening and understanding the first stages of embryonic development to help improve IVF procedures.

ARMI’s Chief Operating Officer, Silvio Tiziani said the agreement with SBI continued ARMI’s success in forging strong links with internationally recognised research organisations.

"We are committed to connecting the best life science researchers in Australia with leading international colleagues to help drive discovery that benefits the whole community," Mr Tiziani said.

"The prestigious European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) recognised this when they established the headquarters for EMBL Australia at ARMI and now our network is substantially enhanced with the establishment of SBI Australia."