Shift workers’ health to benefit from heart disease grant

heart health

A leading Monash University nutrition scientist has received the 2016 National Heart Foundation Ross Hohnen Award for Research Excellence for her project to improve heart health in shift workers, as part of this year’s round of research grants.

The award recognises Associate Professor Maxine Bonham’s outstanding and innovative grant application, with the award providing $10,000 on top of the $65,000 grant.

Associate Professor Bonham’s research aims to improve shift workers' heart health through development of a dietary strategy that modifies the timing and amount of food consumed at night. The results of the study will be used to inform new policy guidelines.

Associate Professor Bonham is one of ten Monash University researchers to be awarded Heart Foundation research grants this year including:

Future leader Fellowships

  • Dr Bradley Edwards  – for personalising the treatment of sleep apnoea
  • Dr Janet Bray - for optimising access to care and the emergency evidence-base for acute cardiovascular events
  • Dr Carol Hodgson – for recovery after critical illness from cardiovascular failure
  • Associate Professor Lisa Moran – for optimising weight management in women of reproductive age

Health Professional Scholarships

  • Dr Sinjini Biswas - for Impact of early coronary angiography in patients post cardiac arrest without ST elevation on ECG

Vanguard Grants

  • Dr Nadine Andrew – Developing standardised methods for setting patient centred goals in stroke
  • Associate Professor Maxine Bonham – for a dietary intervention to improve heart health in shift workers
  • Associate Professor Roger Evans from Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institutefor a new way to protect the kidney during open heart surgery
  • Associate Professor Benjamin Smith – for improving GP and patient partnerships for blood pressure management in primary care

Partnership Engagement Grants

  • Professor Sophia Zoungas – for STAREE Life: the effect of statin therapy on diet, physical activity and sedentary behaviour in older Australians

Almost $17 million involving 90 awards has been offered to the nation’s best and brightest researchers to investigate the causes, treatment, and prevention of heart disease and related disorders.