Monash University supports the Suburban Rail Loop project

Monash University has been advocating for and promised by various governments (both state and federal) an efficient and effective public transport rail network since the University was established in the 1960s.

We support the current Suburban Rail Loop project which we have been working on with the Victorian Government and see this as the best possible solution for the Monash community, our partners in the Monash Technology Precinct and broader South East community.

The Monash SRL station will provide great benefit for the 55,000 students, staff, researchers and wider community who commute to Monash’s Clayton campus on any given day.

As a major education, employment, arts and innovation hub, Monash University attracts people from across Melbourne, nationally and internationally.

Providing improved public transport options while limiting traffic congestion will benefit the many thousands of people who visit and rely on employment from our University, the organisations in the wider Monash Technology Precinct and the surrounding areas on a daily basis, and the communities that we serve and that surround us, as well as the environment.

As the largest employment node outside of the CBD, the Monash Precinct is one of Victoria’s most important ‘engines’ of innovation, employment generation and skills development. Currently, 30,500 people are employed in the Monash Precinct and this is forecast to grow to 162,000 by 2056.

Within the next few years, major investments such as the Moderna facility, Victorian Heart Hospital, the Monash Smart Manufacturing Hub and the Medicine Manufacturing Innovation Centre will be completed, and further add to employment growth in the precinct, therefore improved public transport connections are essential.