Student satisfaction at Monash hits five-year high


Through the Better Teaching, Better Learning Strategy (2015-2018), academic and professional staff at Monash University are working together to improve learning outcomes for students.

As a result of their commitment to enhancing the learning experience of students, satisfaction levels have been steadily increasing over the past five years.

The primary way for measuring satisfaction is through the end-of-semester Student Evaluation of Teaching and Units (SETU) survey.  All Monash students are encouraged to provide an overall satisfaction rating for each of their units.  Then, depending on the median result, each unit will fall into one of four categories:

  • needing critical attention
  • needing attention
  • meeting aspirations
  • outstanding

In 2015, a renewed focus on the student experience was needed and as a result the threshold for a unit to be ‘meeting aspirations’ was increased.

Since 2011 there has been a steady increase in the number of units ranked as outstanding. Last year, Monash students ranked 78 per cent of all units, where there were more than 15 students in those units, as ‘meeting aspirations’ or ‘outstanding’ (figure 1).

Professor Darrell Evans, Vice-Provost (Learning and Teaching), said the figures are evidence of the difference that the collaborative efforts of university staff are making in creating an exceptional learning experience for students.

“We are incredibly proud of the achievements being made and look forward to seeing these figures grow further as we work together towards ensuring that each and every Monash student receives an outstanding learning experience here at Monash,” Professor Evans said.

“This is a great result, yet perhaps most important is the fact that more students than ever before are being positively impacted.”

The 2015 figures show a five percentage point increase (up to 77 per cent) in the number of all students who are enrolled in a unit ranked as ‘meeting aspirations’ or ‘outstanding’ (figure 2).

Through Better Teaching, Better Learning Monash is developing initiatives and strengthening approaches that ultimately empower their students to take ownership of their learning and clearly articulate their skills, strengths and successes.